Solutions for events integrated production, marketing strategies and communication.

Many Colors is a group of companies specialized in the production of Marketing, Communication and Events projects with the common goal of providing unique experiences. Many Color Group develops all the project stages, from design to execution.

The synergies created in our group bring all the necessary resources to guarantee the success of any project: Audiovisual equipment, installations, decoration, scenography, woodwork, furniture, printing, incentive activities… We have the best professionals to provide our customers with efficient and detailed planning.


Our international, multidisciplinary team is made of professionals with a wide range of academic profiles and work experiences. This diversity fosters culture and knowledge exchange in creative processes resulting in original, unique projects that generate emotional bonds with the audience. Our group of companies combine communication, design, architecture, printing, new technologies, and production to guarantee the success of each project.

Our levels of commitment and exigency are very high. We make a difference, never giving up. We work constantly to maintain our leadership in the field of Marketing, Communication, and Events.


A Stand Design... Where to start? - Many Colors Group

Designing a stand… Where to start?

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The right design comes from the right communication. When we create a stand, transmitting both the philosophy and style of our company is as important as attracting our customers’ attention. The first thing we must do is to establish our objectives in a specific manner, taking into account all the particular, as our design will vary depending on the goals shaped by the customer. For example, if we want to attract a major audience, it is best to provide an exclusive space; while planning an open, accessible event will foster product visibility. When the objectives are clearly defined, the stand schema will give way to a design that conveys both the essential message and the corporate image.  We should bear…

Decoration for events: is not just a set of aesthetic details - Many Colors

“Decoration is not just a set of aesthetic details”

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Flora Rebollo, head manager at Kunst, furniture and decoration for events. Is it true that brands are becoming more aware about the importance of aesthetics and image in their events? It has always been an important issue for any company in this sector. Nowadays, as we work globally, the demand is much higher. Decoration is not just a set of aesthetic details, or a solution of decorative elements. Decoration is a core part in a project, a concept specifically designed for the event. In this sense, staging proposals, shows, choreographies, projections, etc., are part of the decoration being not only visual but also sensorial. It is not just a question of only transmitting an aesthetic image, something essential, but also a…

Alma González talks about audiovisual production

“We immortalize magic moments”

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Alma González is the head manager at Balance Productions, our audiovisual expert team. In this interview she talks about the skills of a good professional and the importance of resource optimization.   Which exactly is the role of an audiovisual producer and which qualities should this type of professional have in order to perform a good job? The functions of a producer are basically two: Management of both project budget and human/technical resources. In all, we could summarize this professional’s mission as resource-optimizer: this person will be responsible of providing the required services with the maximum quality standards and the minimal cost. If you want to have a career in audiovisuals, in my opinion there are five fundamental skills: FLEXIBILITY:…

The value of advertising on the Point of Sale - Many Colors Group

The value of advertising on the Point of Sale

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According to a study carried out by in-Store Media, nine out of ten Spanish plan their purchase but just making a note of the generic name of the product. 63% of these customers decide which product or specific brand is going to buy once on the point of sale. Given these data, there is no doubt that the selling point is the space where the majority of purchasing decisions are taken. For this reason, we have to do our best for having an influence on the consumer from the moment when he or she makes real contact with our product. The communication objectives of the selling point are oriented to make the product more known, explaining its advantages, achieving a…