Solutions for events integrated production, marketing strategies and communication.

Many Colors is a group of companies specialized in the production of Marketing, Communication and Events projects with the common goal of providing unique experiences. Many Color Group develops all the project stages, from design to execution.

The synergies created in our group bring all the necessary resources to guarantee the success of any project: Audiovisual equipment, installations, decoration, scenography, woodwork, furniture, printing, incentive activities… We have the best professionals to provide our customers with efficient and detailed planning.


Our international, multidisciplinary team is made of professionals with a wide range of academic profiles and work experiences. This diversity fosters culture and knowledge exchange in creative processes resulting in original, unique projects that generate emotional bonds with the audience. Our group of companies combine communication, design, architecture, printing, new technologies, and production to guarantee the success of each project.

Our levels of commitment and exigency are very high. We make a difference, never giving up. We work constantly to maintain our leadership in the field of Marketing, Communication, and Events.


A day in the workshops of Expresión Design - Many Colors Group

A day in the workshops of Expresión Design

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This new interview Juan Antonio Zamora, Expresión workshop manager, speaks about his profession. Our team at Expresión manufacture and install all kinds of stands, stage structures, scenographies, and sets. Anything our clients may need, our team offers the best solutions and expert guarantee. Something that does not meet a top-quality standards never leaves their workshops. Could you tell us what is your daily routine at Expresión Design? Very different, depending on time of day and day of week. My job, in sum, is to transform all the images and designs into a reality. Therefore, we start planning the project on paper, calculating and drawing the measures of the elements that will form part of structures in real life. Besides, we…

The quality of sound is a key element in events - Many Colors Group

The quality of sound is a key element in events

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Events are a business opportunity and a marketing solution, the perfect timing to reveal a new product or present a new service. In all, any corporate event fosters brand visibility and enhances networking among clients and professionals. Some years ago, events were traditionally reserved to big corporations and organizations, but nowadays that vision has changed completely and the big majority of companies celebrate MICE event as part of their marketing strategy due to their proved efficacy. When planning an event, the quality of sound is a key element to be considered, as the later can determine, to a large extent, the event’s success or failure. Sound systems must be designed and installed according to the venue space. Outdoors or indoors,…

"Good audiovisual professional also must be a creative mind" - Many Colors

“Good audiovisual professional also must be a creative mind”

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We talk with Reyes Pernía, head manager of the technical department OnOFF, our agency specialized in audiovisual production and communication. No one like her to highlight the role of the agency in the events industry.   Which are the skills a good professional should have in the audiovisual sphere of event world? This professional should understand and master not only the client’s need, but their implementation in a specific space. The good professional is a creative mind, has vision to project the final outcome, and a technical profile combined with marketing expertise. Working in the event world is not a question of delivering audiovisual material, professionals must anticipate the clients’ needs even in those situations in which aesthetics prevails over…

Apps en eventos: No hagas esperar a tus invitados - Many Colors Group  Apps in Events: Do not ever let your guests wait - Many Colors Group

Apps in Events: Do not ever let your guests wait

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It is a fact that cannot be denied: Nobody likes to wait. This is why, among the good uses of apps in events, it is important to highlight the huge support these devices may offer, for example, in the stages of registration and access. In order to ensure the proper development of an event, it is necessary to have maximum control on everything happening in it.  Aspects such as planning, organization, compliance with schedules and attendee management during the event are all absolutely crucial. This is exactly where mobile apps acquire major relevance, as they allow us to keep a close watch of all these procedures. For example, with just a few smartphones and some staff we may be able…