A table for every event

By 25 November, 2016Kunst Deco
A table for every event | Many Colors Group

The type of table that will be part of our event decoration is something not to be left to chance. This decision should be integrated in the planning Schedule, following the same guidelines as the rest of the elements. The goal is to achieve a balanced result.

Choosing a round table, square, oval, etc., will depend exclusively of the event typology, the attendees’ profile, or even the event venue. Kunst Deco are experts in event planning, always offering the best results in bespoke atmospheres. As each event needs a perfect table, the furniture selection displayed below may serve as a selection guide.

Round tables are the most popular type of furniture. They enhance networking events, as all people the table are, in terms of protocol specifications, at the same level. Thus, round shaped table are usually present in events with a particular social nature. Besides, round tables -both in low or high formats- work fine as side furniture.

Square tables, though perfect for interaction, suit best vast spaces, as they seat a reduced, even number of diners. This format is perfect for large, open venues.

A table for every event - Blog Many Colors Group

Rectangle tables are mainly used in outdoor events, and they are recommended for a reduced number of diners, and smaller spaces. Depending of its size, these tables may seat up to 30 people. The rectangle-shaped table by Kunst Deco, designed with only 4 legs, allows maximum space utilization.

Oval tables are a similar choice to rectangle-shaped. Diners or attendees may engage in conversation at ease, but generally with those people who are closer. The oval format, however, highlights the main seat at the table, this is why they are usually called ‘preside’ or conference tables.

Dining room tables were traditional majestic pieces of furniture for a large number of guests. Our imperial table is perfect for elegant and formal events such as gala diners or company events.

Finally, the U-shaped table is the ideal format for both work and internal meetings. Speakers and attendees are all seated in the same table, and VIPs may be seated in the shorter part, at the head of the table.

Trends should not guide all the details when choosing our event table shape. The number of guests or the type of installation facilities are crucial factors. Depending of the event goal, or the presentation contents of the diner thematization, Kunst Deco provides different options for your table arrangement.

A table for every event - Blog Many Colors Group

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