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Alma González talks about audiovisual production

Alma González is the head manager at Balance Productions, our audiovisual expert team. In this interview she talks about the skills of a good professional and the importance of resource optimization.


Which exactly is the role of an audiovisual producer and which qualities should this type of professional have in order to perform a good job?

The functions of a producer are basically two: Management of both project budget and human/technical resources. In all, we could summarize this professional’s mission as resource-optimizer: this person will be responsible of providing the required services with the maximum quality standards and the minimal cost.

If you want to have a career in audiovisuals, in my opinion there are five fundamental skills: FLEXIBILITY: being really flexible and capable of understanding that changes and eventualities will be part of your day. ORGANIZATION: not just order but organization… this is a basic; there are a lot of stages and processes going on and knowing the schedules and due dates is crucial.  TEAM WORK: Knowing your role and acknowledge the importance of the rest of the group is also one of the virtues to be mastered. Finally, a good professional in this field will be a superb CRISIS MANAGER, because at any moment, even the most controlled production may fail, and you certainly must know how to calm your nerves. Professionals in this field need self-control, analytical skills, and problem-solving dexterity, but, above all, a lot of PATIENCE.


With respect to events, which services are usually preferred by clients?

Depending on the type of event, but there are several services that are usually common such as the close circuit recording with three or more cameras. We always save our recordings both for archive and as a summary of the event, which is a highly requested service. A third example will be the photo-report and the event making-of videos.


Which services are growing and which are the expected trends of 2017?

360-degree videos are in fashion. They are being adapted to destinations, experiences, products… the idea is to bring something closer to the audience. Time-lapse photography, live streaming are other booming trends, for example.

Technology is literally at the touch of a button. Since the audiovisual has been democratized, people can film, edit and publish using a simple mobile device… they just have to use their imagination.

Now, more than ever, the role of the producer is to make the client aware of the additional value implied in the professionalization of the audiovisual product. We know not just the codes and the language, but many other background information, both technical and cultural, that a non-professional user-filmmaker does not master at all.


Which are the technological innovations most used during your daily tasks?

We have a superb equipment both for recording sessions, editing, and postproduction stages. From the most common services, such as an interview or a story, up to 360 videos, flash mobs, or mannequin challenges using steady –one of the most wanted services during the last months- .


Tell us about your favorite part of this sector.

From event planning, what I like most is having the chance of transforming a corporate meeting into something magic. From the audiovisual production sector, I love the way we can immortalize all that magic in a preservable format.

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