Apps in events: Resources that improve the attendee experience

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The general use of the mobile phone has boosted these digital tools as necessary element in many communication processes. This especially applies to messages addressed to event attendees, as applications both help to convey the contents and also engages the audience.

To improve the user experience all app must display a series of basic devices which eventually are customize to fit all the requirements of the specific brand. Some of the most elementary functions are to inform of an event program or schedule, show the venue location or send notifications on the specific activities taking place. Other functions may cover the sponsors or participants profiles, the location landmarks… Thanks to all this information, event apps are an excellent tool to help attendees to organize their schedules. But these are some of the most common apps features.

Nowadays, app users demand new functions in order to meet all the requirements which might arise in an event: Contact other attendants, improve their networking, or complete the event check-in in one move.

The goal must always be to offer event attendants maximum accessibility to contents, information and procedures related to the event. Thus, professionals look for apps that also include social media management functions or provide hosting for event contents or presentations.

Reasons for having a specific event app

  1. Apps provide attendants feedback and this is crucial to learn about reactions to the event, and therefore create new basis for improvement.
  2. Applications are a sure way to commit assistants. This commitment starts with the pre-event, when the attendants organize their schedules and plan the meeting. Once in the event, attendant use the app as a guide to look for specific performances, contents, places… In the post-event attendant should be allowed to access, recover or compile all the information they consider more useful.
  3. A mobile app allows cost saving, and therefore contributes to event sustainability: Partial or total printing of flyers or catalogues can be suppressed, for example.
  4. Apps help to contribute to the value of the event speakers or host, providing information about them and bringing them closer to the public.
  5. The possibility to integrate the mobile app and the social networks helps to promote interaction between users and event.

For the user to get the most out the app, and in order to boost their use, it is not only crucial to develop an intuitive and fast tool, but also to design a communication campaign prior to the event highlighting all the app advantages: Short promo videos showing how the app functions may improve the event experience, exclusive contents, incentives…

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