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Moonflower Technologies reveals what an app needs to be successful. Having a smooth design, being efficacious and practical are some of the basic requirements.

What does an App need to be successful or profitable?

The key to success is not an easy path, but a series of circumstances which must be aligned to bring the expected result. In order to attain this, fully and satisfactorily, an App should provide just what the user needs, and exactly that.

Take, for example, our mobile camera App. If you want to take a picture, you just have to open this App and zoom is already set, so you only need to touch the screen to have your picture. The App gets everything ready, and needs no pre-selecting stages or has the camera button in the middle of the screen covering our image. An App must be simple and smart.

What do event attendees value most in an App?

In general, the most valued aspect of an App is its utility. This concept embodies three aspects: Format, a great interface design; Visuals, a great blend of colors and images; and finally functionality.

In an event, users need crucial information such as the program, agenda or Schedule, so they can plan their attendance. Other useful contents are map Access, locations, or installations/facilities plans, for example.

An App has reached its goal when…

An App reaches its goal when users may accomplish the desired task in an efficient manner and, eventually, if they keep the app installed in their devices. Indeed this is the best sign that the App is useful.

An App is truly operative when…

An App is operative and useful if it efficacious. It should be simple, with a simple user interface design, intuitive. It must contain only what the user may need, and nothing else.



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