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A table for every event

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The type of table that will be part of our event decoration is something not to be left to chance. This decision should be integrated in the planning Schedule, following the same guidelines as the rest of the elements. The goal is to achieve a balanced result. Choosing a round table, square, oval, etc., will depend exclusively of the event typology, the attendees’ profile, or even the event venue. Kunst Deco are experts in event planning, always offering the best results in bespoke atmospheres. As each event needs a perfect table, the furniture selection displayed below may serve as a selection guide. Round tables are the most popular type of furniture. They enhance networking events, as all people the table…

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How to improve internal communication in your company

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Corporate internal communication only works effectively when we pay special attention to two elements its very core: Information and the way it is transmitted. Internal communication has become increasingly important as companies have developed new requirements in all business fields. Moreover, companies try to motivate their human resources and reinforce their skills and level of engagement. As keeping best talents is crucial in an ever-changing business world, feedback has become a mandatory corporate task. Internet is a big ally in this communicative issue. Companies use mobile devices to reinforce intercommunication, due to their immediacy character and interaction possibilities. Intranets, Social Networks, Apps, etc., are common tools of daily usage that also provide corporate information and data to the users. Moreover,…

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