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Apps, simple and smart

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Moonflower Technologies reveals what an app needs to be successful. Having a smooth design, being efficacious and practical are some of the basic requirements. What does an App need to be successful or profitable? The key to success is not an easy path, but a series of circumstances which must be aligned to bring the expected result. In order to attain this, fully and satisfactorily, an App should provide just what the user needs, and exactly that. Take, for example, our mobile camera App. If you want to take a picture, you just have to open this App and zoom is already set, so you only need to touch the screen to have your picture. The App gets everything ready,…

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Hisense chooses Spain for the European reveal

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Spain has been the destination chosen for the European presentation of a new line of products by Hisense, the Chinese electronics multinational. The event was hosted in the city of Barcelona. The three-day presentation held at the Palau de Congressos de Calalunya Conference Center, gathered almost 200 international attendees from the industry and media spheres. Many Colors was in charge of the whole event production including decoration, displays, signage, branding, staging, audiovisuals and even the amenities especially designed for the event. This meeting displayed a solid representation of the brand image, portrayed by the transfer services, the decoration elements and ambiance, and the stage, customized with the corporate colors. The most intense moments where the presentation of three new ranges of…

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