‘Working for a global agency makes the impossible a reality.’

Carlos Prieto: "Beon inspire me security"

Carlos Prieto, Production Manager, is one of our latest arrivals at Many Colors Group.

Carlos, tell us how is your daily work within our brand.

A normal day at the Coordination team is usually quite busy. We are responsible for the coordination among the different brands in all the projects. In other words, we are in charge of event management in all its facets: metal and wood works, audiovisual equipment, image, decoration, furniture… The Coordination team is also responsible for establishing and maintaining certain standards in all the brands involved, as well as guaranteeing full accomplishment of the different event phases.  This is why we usually spend intense days abroad with site inspections, which are in fact the starting point of our relationship with both venue and client. We devote a great part of the time working outside the office.

Which would you say are the essential skills for the good professional at event industry?

Under mi point of view, the good professional in this industry must be both determined and methodical.

  • Determined because the work flow will be constant many times, and one must be strong and endeavor to maintain a fixed work pace. Mastering this attitude is one of the best assets in the industry of event production.
  • Methodical because this field requires professionals that are very organized both mentally and operationally. You have to know how to prioritize daily tasks and be able to discern between the urgent and the immediate.

What would you like to improve with you contribution?

The production management team at Eventisimo is already formed by great experts of this field. Jesús Tenorio, Carlotta Caretta, or Adrián Jiménez are savvy, experienced professionals with many projects behind. I would like to contribute to their labor helping them to manage many other successful projects to come. I would love to see both the team and the company grow event bigger.

How are the relations with the clients so far?

My first contacts have resulted very fruitful and currently I am managing some projects abroad. I have met different professional profiles from those I was accustomed to, what opens a wider and global vision of your line of work. The importance of language and communication must be highlighted here; at first it can be a bit odd, but finally you are accustomed to use both English and Spanish on a daily basis.

Also, I have had already the chance to meet some face to face, what makes me an even more essential part in the process of establishing a direct communication with them.

What does BEON, our new holding brand, suggest you?

BEON inspires confidence and assurance. Working for a global agency makes the impossible a reality. I see it as the big step for the holding to offer a new name that comprises all the services and solutions we provide. Moreover, BEON as such has started at the same time I arrive so I feel very lucky to belong from the very beginning to a brand that is sure to be one of the best.


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