BEON Worldwide, the new holding brand

BEON Worldwide, the new brand in the holding company comprising Eventisimo, Sörensen, bigBite, and Many Colors.

Our company group continues the execution of the strategic plan defined for the triennium 2016 -2018. One of the objectives set there is to become a global group of services with international scope and internal growth resulting from company acquisitions.

In June 2016, our group acquired Sauver Marketing Consulting, a communication agency located in the north of Spain and with a competitive position within the industry of MICE activities and tourism.

In February of the same year, the group fully acquired Grupo Sörensen, agency located in both Madrid and Barcelona, with projects based on strategic services in the field of advertising and events.

The constant organic growth during the last 5 years, together with the implementation of complementary services around our main strategic axis of creativity and communication in event world, has resulted in a new business scenario that generates new opportunities. In sum, a step forward in our process for brand consolidation.

Our group continues its expansion in the market combining both our expertise brands Eventisimo and Sörensen, and bigBite or Many Colors, which are in the process of becoming fully consolidated. Our common goal consists in the creation of a powerful corporation offering integrated services worldwide.

Events, Advertising, Communication and production, inspired by our determined spirit of international scope.”

“This has been a strategic decision carefully pondered, resulting from hard work and following the strategic line defined by the corporation” Dario Regattieri, CEO.

“A brand is one of the main assets in a company, because it sets the fundamental principles governing the central strategy, design and communication plan that will lead our future.”

“The strategic value which lies behind image and communication has become one of the most efficient tools in order to maximize business results.”

Dario Regattieri: “Nowadays, brands must be entities capable of providing experiences and contents embracing human values.”

“Hence, we understand that our strategic plan required a step forward which gave shape and coherence to our company group. A new holding brand able to transmit the vision, calling and essence of all the people who are part of our group. A brand that tells a history that people may love, because a brand able to stir fascination is not just an image; it is passion, emotion, and emotion.”


BEON Worldwide will be the new name for the holding. Thus, the company structure will have Eventisimo as event leading brand, Sörensen involved in advertising field, bigBite as a global communication agency, and Many Colors and its 10 brands in charge of the production and services.

During the process of brand building, the different creative stages have include our holding essence in order to reflect the main characteristics of our common brand:

  • A powerful icon in its phonetic style, with a great visual image
  • Modernity, elegance, authenticity, and excellence
  • A fresh, dynamic and vibrant company
  • Experienced
  • In constant evolution, innovative
  • With an international scope
  • Focused on transversal services
  • A great, expertise, professional team with multidisciplinary knowledge

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