Alma González talks about audiovisual production

“We immortalize magic moments”

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Alma González is the head manager at Balance Productions, our audiovisual expert team. In this interview she talks about the skills of a good professional and the importance of resource optimization.   Which exactly is the role of an audiovisual producer and which qualities should this type of professional have in order to perform a good job? The functions of a producer are basically two: Management of both project budget and human/technical resources. In all, we could summarize this professional’s mission as resource-optimizer: this person will be responsible of providing the required services with the maximum quality standards and the minimal cost. If you want to have a career in audiovisuals, in my opinion there are five fundamental skills: FLEXIBILITY:…

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Designing highly effective corporate videos

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Corporate videos have as a main goal to inform about or advertise a company, service, or product. They are a way to innovate, setting us apart from our competitors and generating not only a visual impact, but also fostering our brand among the audience. In order to strength our branding image we should be careful when choosing a corporate video, paying attention to the smallest details. A corporate video –as any other brand visual- is a reflection of the company, and therefore it must enhance our outreach. To accomplish this objective we should stick to these basic parameters: Duration Do not overwhelm your audience or they will ‘disconnect’ form the message. The perfect corporate video has a duration from 2 to…

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Las nuevas tecnologías, una herramienta en el día a día de la producción de eventos

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The Many colors team want to talk about innovative technologies which are sure to make corporate events even more attractive. Screens have been witness to huge technological advances over the years and now offer a huge range of different options. For example, LED technology consumes far less energy, in comparison to older display technology and all whilst delivering even sharper and more colorful images as a result. Not only this but with ease, a single image can now be shown on multiple displays. SCREENS Digital Interactive Board This technology consists of a computer connected to a video projector which displays the signal of a computer on a flat, rigid, touch screen surface, from which you can control the computer, make…

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Many Colors & Amway set off on a spectacular cruise around the mediterranean sea

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Many colors is a group of companies which are specialized in providing services for comprehensive event planning, marketing and communications. In May 2015 the group organized an internal convention on board of a cruise ship for more than 3000 members of the sales force from the network marketing company Amway. Prior to the event, Many Colors had carried out a series of marketing actions, such as sending invitations including a short video via email, sending mail-shots to introduce the new website as well as mail-shots for the App launch. In addition to that, they also sent out an email with the title ‘Know before you go’ which provided useful information to keep in mind before getting on board of the…

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Balance Productions participa en el largometraje La luz con el tiempo dentro

Premier of “La Luz con el tiempo dentro”, a new feature film with the participation of Balance Productions

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Direction of photography, technical material, grading and postproduction have been the contributions of Balance Productions. Coming 6th March will be the premiere of the movie “La luz con el tiempo dentro” in the main cinemas of our country. The movie has been guided by Antonio Gonzalo and recreates the most important moments of the life of Juan Ramón Jiménez, a poet from Moguer. Balance Productions has participated in the whole production: Direction of photography in charge of the Director Alberto Muñoz, Camera Team (technical filming material for digital movies), in the creation process as well as in the integration of the special effects, and in the different phases of digital grading and postproduction and technical distribution and presentation in cinemas….

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