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The value of advertising on the Point of Sale

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According to a study carried out by in-Store Media, nine out of ten Spanish plan their purchase but just making a note of the generic name of the product. 63% of these customers decide which product or specific brand is going to buy once on the point of sale. Given these data, there is no doubt that the selling point is the space where the majority of purchasing decisions are taken. For this reason, we have to do our best for having an influence on the consumer from the moment when he or she makes real contact with our product. The communication objectives of the selling point are oriented to make the product more known, explaining its advantages, achieving a…

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Las nuevas tecnologías, una herramienta en el día a día de la producción de eventos

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The Many colors team want to talk about innovative technologies which are sure to make corporate events even more attractive. Screens have been witness to huge technological advances over the years and now offer a huge range of different options. For example, LED technology consumes far less energy, in comparison to older display technology and all whilst delivering even sharper and more colorful images as a result. Not only this but with ease, a single image can now be shown on multiple displays. SCREENS Digital Interactive Board This technology consists of a computer connected to a video projector which displays the signal of a computer on a flat, rigid, touch screen surface, from which you can control the computer, make…

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Two realises the production of materials of the new graphic image for Telepizza restaurants

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The restaurant chain Telepizza has requested TWO, the specialist for advertising in the point of sales of the Many Colors group, once again to take charge of the development of materials to be used in the new graphic line in its restaurants. The majority of used materials are vinyl prints, die-cut products and other large scale prints, for which TWO has worked in collaboration with JANOFF, the graphic production company of the group. This mission has extended to include the stores’ diverse informative and decorative elements in different materials and formats. Firstly, they have designed the printed ´menu boards´ containing a backlight, which are boards showing the different prices and elements of the menu. Furthermore TWO and JANOFF have been…

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producción de eventos

Many Colors Group’s event production companies are working at full capacity

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Expresion, Xorex and Janoff, the Many Colors Group event production companies that specialize in structures and large-format printing, have been working at full capacity throughout February due to a large number of orders for upcoming events. The manufacturing and assembly company, Expresion, is currently building the main scenography for a large convention, several booths and other ephemeral pieces for the events. In order to accommodate this spike in production, their wood warehouse is being fully re-stocked several times a week. There are over two hundred four meter wings in their production plant that will be upholstered with sheets of printed fabric from Janoff’s large format printers. Xorex, the metal carpentry company, is also manufacturing hundreds of metal wings. These versatile…

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JANOFF Expands its services with the Purchase of Two Latest Technology printing Machines for Large Printing Format

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Anapurna M2050 allows producing quality large format printing while Mtex 3200 is perfect for fabric printings. Janoff has recently acquired two of the latest printing machines on the market, Anapurna M2050 and Mtex 3200 whose works will allow us to offer the best quality for large printing format and large fabric printing. Anapurna M2050 is high-speed UV curable inkjet system whose results are first-class quality large printing format on any format and any type of rigid material. Over rigid material, the printing area can be up to 3×2 meters. Besides, the use of this type of inkjet is environmental responsive, as the inks used are solvent free. There are less than 10 machines like this on the Spanish printing sector….

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We start our blogger adventure!!

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Many Colors lands into the Online World! We would like you to join us in this new adventure. Who is in charge of this blog? Many Colors is a group of companies operating globally with own production specializing in different sectors: communication, design, production, new technologies, marketing and events. These independent companies are smoothly coordinated to create synergy and provide a 360º service.   Get to know us! We offer audiovisual services for the communication and events sectors. We provide creative solutions using our own resources and cutting-edge technology in audio, lighting, video, LEDS, plasma walls and simultaneous translation, among others. We are specialized in exhibition stand design, staging, graphic and editorial design, web design, interior design and audio visual editing. We manufacture and assemble…

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