Choose an eco-friendly decoration for your event

Choose an eco-friendly decoration for your event - Many Colors Blog

In the field of decoration for events, a new respectful consciousness focuses more on the environmental and natural aspects of green ideas, becoming mandatory requirement. Under the term ‘eco-friendly there is a concept based on the implementation of the ecology 3R philosophy: reduce, reuse, and recycle. This trend  is characterized by the use of furniture and materials specifically respectful with the environment: 100% recycled and recyclable. This style helps to create spaces that are efficient, sustainable, and very useful.

Designers are some of the most aware professionals today regarding the urgency of caring about the environment, and this is something fully reflected in their products, taken into account from the conception of the idea right to its materialization and useful life.

One of the companies which apply this eco-friendly trend is Kunst Deco. Leaders in decoration and furniture rental, this studio chooses ecological materials in event production achieving a timelessness, clean, and smart aesthetic, where simplicity gets over accumulation.

Eco-friendly decoration for your event - Many Colors Blog

In their last projects Kunst Deco has introduced recycled pallets, a great material for decoration. The use of these elements, not only add some extra elegance, but also they contribute to the preservation of the environment, thanks to their versatility.

Recycled pallets have become a referential material widely used. Their numerous possibilities allow to use them in different constructive and decorative compositions. With these pallets we may create a great variety of furniture and props which bestow style, originality and freshness.

Eco-friendly decoration for your event - Many Colors Blog

Another hallmark of Kunst Deco are their passion for green decoration. For Kunst, plants represent nature like no other element. Their decoration projects are full of examples of the use of plants in different events:  a suspended garden, a natural bouquet composition, or natural moss everywhere. Plants bring positive energy and result highly decorative in events.

Eco-friendly decoration for your event - Many Colors Blog

Other elements, truly inspired homages to Mother Nature, are the ornamental dry branches which can be used both as a decorative or functional element. You will wonder at the millions of possibilities that a natural element may offer to event embellishment.

Apply an eco-friendly style to your event and spread among your attendees your love for nature and your effort for a healthy environment, less polluted.

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