Music plays an important role in our lives, both in leisure time and work-related aspects.  When planning an event, there are multiple details to be taken into account. Music is an essential part in event planning, as it is the soundtrack that accompanies each and every attendee during the whole celebration or meeting. All events are different and, therefore, they do not share the same objectives.

This is why it is crucial to know how to choose the appropriate music for every occasion, and in this quest, some important questions arise.

What type of event we are dealing with?  Clarifying this first approach will help us to segment the type of music proposal and zoom into the most appropriate one.

Music in our event, yes or not?  Deciding right from the first moment if it will be appropriate and therefore successful to include music in our event.

Who are our target audience?  It is crucial that the selected music is in line with our audience or guests. Knowing their preferences beforehand or the event mood is the key to success.

What kind of response are we aiming to get?  Music can be our great ally in event management and organization: it helps to achieve and leverage the experience that you wish them to have.

Live music or recorded music? Depending on the type of event which is being planned and the budget available, we will go for one option or the other. Live music enhances the experience and provides added value to the event, fosters empathy among participants and favors interaction with the audience.

Choosing music for a specific event will depend on the objectives and the aims set for the event itself. Music must be carefully chosen to include the right one in each occasion.



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