How to use lighting as a decoration element in a venue

By 4 August, 2017Many Colors Group
How to use lighting as a decoration element for a venue - Many Colors

Lighting plays a very important role in the decoration of a venue. The good balance between light typology and intensity is the key to maximize the event space, transforming our chosen venue through different ambiances in the ideal atmosphere for our MICE activity. Light makes possible to highlight decoration elements, creating different ambiances and moods, besides helping to intensify the value of corporate elements strategically placed around our venue.

A correct planning of lighting, therefore the right selection and distribution of materials, can drastically change any atmosphere or space. On the contrary, a deficient usage of this resource may ruin completely the best decorative project.

Space decoration uses lighting to create different ambiances and customize different areas of the same venue. Reflections, focal points, spotlights… Every type of lighting will also change the perception of the colors of a given location. It is important, when choosing our type of lighting, to bear always in mind both colors and surroundings. Defining which activities are going to take place during the event will help us to define the mood of the moment.

When planning in detail our light decoration it is important to take into account how natural light affects our general lighting design. Daylight will be our best ally during the diurnal course, while artificial light will be mandatory indoors and as decoration element. Artificial light affects decoration and brings different colors, shapes, and textures to a given space.

We may classify the different lighting alternatives in four groups:

  • General lighting: It is the main source of light which allows guests or attendees to see and walk the venue. It helps to make comfortable any visit or stay, avoiding the annoying areas with poor lighting. Normally, this kind of light is placed above the visitor’s head, in areas such as ceilings and walls.
  • Accent lighting: The most intense typology, has a main objective to illuminate a specific area or activity. It is a good complement to conventional lighting and therefore they are both used in combination.
  • Exhibition/task lighting: The most theatrical luminescence, with a beam of light that goes right to the target area, helping to focus the attendees’ attention.
  • Decorative lighting: This type of light embellishes architectonic details and enhances outdoor areas. It is used to color up specific corners and details.

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