Next is no more what it was when you started to read this sentence.

Graphic design studio


Next is no more what it was when you started to read this sentence.

Next is a hub of creative thinking ideas & graphics growing and developing, and constantly transforming. Next is a miscellanea of design trends from every possible point of view.

More than 20 professionals with extensive work experience in fields such as Architecture, Fine Arts, Advertising, Communication, or Technological design, creating projects for top international brands through mutual enrichment and permanent synergies.

Next added value lies not only in designing, but also producing all their projects in collaboration with the rest of the group brands present in Many Colors.

Creativity - Next Studio


Next team feels at ease with blank pages. Our professionals love challenges and displaying all their creative skills, always listening to our customers’ requirements. Next transforms the customer briefing into the perfect decoration, design, or stage, establishing a common criteria for the whole project.

Design and production - Next Studio

Design and  production

In creative and advertising agencies it is very usual to say that a project should lay not just in paper but also in practice. Thus, a creative design is just productive if the idea matches reality. This is why Next design work is coordinated with the rest of the company brands for excellent project executions.

Graphic design - Next Studio

Graphic design

A good graphic design communicates the core concept by itself, and needs no additional explanations. Next pays special attention to every detail in our customer’s message so we can reflect them in our graphic work, aware of their importance in the success of the communicative event.