An ephemeral production may last forever in our customers’ minds.

Manufacturing and installation of stage designs and interior design


Expresión are experts in manufacturing and installation of elements of ephemeral architecture, such as stage designs and sets, for any project. A 2,000 square meter workshop area allow their team to transform all the raw materials into amazing stage designs, works of interior design, and ephemeral constructions.

Their deep knowledge of the different materials allows their professionals to choose the most appropriate and durable according to the elements to be produced. Expresion also executes projects following our customers’ design, and providing technical advice depending on the construction requirements of the ephemeral elements to be manufactured.

Ephemeral arquitecture

Ephemeral architecture

Creative designs and technical solutions in all materials available in the market: wood, metal, fabric, vinyl, methacrylate, and glass, among others.

Stage and set design - Expresión

Stage and set design

They know all stage secrets, and accomplish all its designs in the more efficient way, optimizing resources, and facilitating the performance of the rest of technical elements while perfectly adapting them to the venue and event: TV studios, convention centers, theaters, auditoriums, and special venues.

Interior design - Expresión

Interior design

Interior design projects, store displays, window dressing, and furniture designs adapted to the spaces. Expresion provide bespoke solutions for every project.