“Good audiovisual professional also must be a creative mind”

"Good audiovisual professional also must be a creative mind" - Many Colors

We talk with Reyes Pernía, head manager of the technical department OnOFF, our agency specialized in audiovisual production and communication. No one like her to highlight the role of the agency in the events industry.


Which are the skills a good professional should have in the audiovisual sphere of event world?

This professional should understand and master not only the client’s need, but their implementation in a specific space. The good professional is a creative mind, has vision to project the final outcome, and a technical profile combined with marketing expertise. Working in the event world is not a question of delivering audiovisual material, professionals must anticipate the clients’ needs even in those situations in which aesthetics prevails over the audiovisual material installed.

When designing a stage, where do we start? And, which factors should be taken into account?

The first thing to be taken into account is the venue in which the event will be held. Then, we will boost and optimize this space to the max. The main goal is to create something that surprises and delights our client in equal measure.

Which are the audiovisual services that clients demand most often?

Generally, our clients ask first for sound and video solutions. And, of course, we offer them the best technology and professionals.

What does lighting bring to corporate events?

Lighting is an essential part of decoration, and it also conveys certain emotions. Working these elements we will be able to represent almost anything, from the brand’s corporate colors to different moods following the color psychology.

Could you highlight some trends in screen content design for events? Which goals would you say are mostly pursued by our clients?  

Contents usually arise from the client’s desired message. This is why we should work very closely with them to achieve the perfect information outcome; the client’s corporate message in a top-quality format.

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