Decorating a terrace for an outdoor event

Decorating a terrace for an outdoor event - Many Colors Group

Good weather invites us to open all doors and enjoy outdoor spaces and event celebrations. Any event fits in a terrace, and it offers the possibility of savoring summer days. Entertain your guests with some pleasant views, nice music, bespoke catering, and fancy decoration and guarantee the event success.

Decoration plays a special role in creating the perfect ambiance, and each detail must be designed and arranged with care. In order to attain such perfect result, consider the following tips:

Table arrangements

Table decoration is a key element in this type of events. Depending of the general arrangements, we may use high tables for our guests to use at will, or traditional seating for lunches or dinners. Summer days are perfect for the country style: candle holders, votives, glass elements, etc. There is a wide range of cutlery and napkin options. The key is to combine colors and textures to create a visual harmony.

Sweet stations

We may integrate a sweet station that will accomplish a double function: on the one side it will add the sweetest touch to the event, and on the other, it could be fully customized to enhance and meet the event requirements: corporate colors, style…

Paper lanterns and garlands

Outdoor spaces crave for this type of decoration. Just a few paper garlands or lanterns may do marvels in a terrace or open space. There are numerous options for this type of decorative elements: pennat banners, pom poms, flowers, letters… These decorative pieces can be either placed on tables, chairs or other furniture… or hung from posts or trees to create a wider space perspective upwards while highlighting all the decoration elements beneath them. Whatever our choice may be, they will provide a delightful atmosphere.

Sustainable & eco decoration

Everybody is conscious and aware about the need of reducing our environmental footprint and joining the ‘green crusade’. A great way to accomplish our share as event planners may contemplate eco decoration such as handmade jars, wood elements, glass bottles, vintage linen… under a new, original and creative light.

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