“Decoration is not just a set of aesthetic details”

By 25 May, 2017Kunst Deco
Decoration for events: is not just a set of aesthetic details - Many Colors

Flora Rebollo, head manager at Kunst, furniture and decoration for events.

Is it true that brands are becoming more aware about the importance of aesthetics and image in their events?

It has always been an important issue for any company in this sector. Nowadays, as we work globally, the demand is much higher. Decoration is not just a set of aesthetic details, or a solution of decorative elements. Decoration is a core part in a project, a concept specifically designed for the event.

In this sense, staging proposals, shows, choreographies, projections, etc., are part of the decoration being not only visual but also sensorial.

It is not just a question of only transmitting an aesthetic image, something essential, but also a whole conceptual and communication proposal.

The same furniture can play different roles depending on the event and staging design.

Of course. And it is defined by aspects such as theme, type of event, number of areas in the venue, or their on location in the space.  .

Space influences many elements: claddings, lighting, colors, styles…

When we decorate any space we are occupy a series of areas, but the resulting ‘empty’ spaces are also part of the decoration.

And this is precisely the funny part; like cooking, depending on how you season a dish, you obtain one result or another.

Now that summer is coming closer, what is the role of decoration in outdoor events?

In outdoors decorations, we may take advantage of the environment to create sublime atmospheres. If there are trees, we use their branches for hanging decorations and lights. There is no better carpet than the natural one.

Mixing natural elements with decorative details is amazing. Moreover, if we can harmonize them all the resulting space can be magical. The lighting plays a special role if the event takes place during the evening or at night.

What is the newest trend in sustainable decoration?

Apparently, this type of decoration requires fewer rules, and it can use a freer combination of materials such as natural fibers, used pallets and boxes, cable reels, vintage wood, vertical gardens, etc.

Sustainability is not something easy to attain. Being creative is necessary, not only sporadically but also as a rule, transforming it into a way of working.

The actual trends when decorating a space are not as important as achieving that the sustainable part may play an essential role in each project. Nothing is more sustainable as the reuse of material. And this is the key.

Eco-decoration: fiction or reality?

It is a reality with certain limitations. Nowadays we can use recycled carpets, or other types of furniture, as decoration pieces. Or we may rent natural plants and hire their maintenance. We all should try to reduce the use of short-living materials while recycling all those that cannot be reused. It is our duty to the earth and the environment.



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