Designing highly effective corporate videos

Corporate videos have as a main goal to inform about or advertise a company, service, or product. They are a way to innovate, setting us apart from our competitors and generating not only a visual impact, but also fostering our brand among the audience.

In order to strength our branding image we should be careful when choosing a corporate video, paying attention to the smallest details. A corporate video –as any other brand visual- is a reflection of the company, and therefore it must enhance our outreach. To accomplish this objective we should stick to these basic parameters:


Do not overwhelm your audience or they will ‘disconnect’ form the message. The perfect corporate video has a duration from 2 to 5 minutes maximum.


Organize a good briefing, in order to analyze what the customer wants to transmit, what is the central message, and how it will be expressed. The result of all this work will be a storyborad.


Budget matters. Make clear from the start which are your means and fund to invest in the video campaign. The more details you give, the better your projects becomes.


A crucial element to make a difference from the rest of competitors. Design is everything to make your brand image more visual and strongest. Invest in an exclusive, out-of-the-box video experience.


Trust an experienced team for the making of the video. They will provide the best technical and marketing advice about reaching the target audience with the most efficient message. Team work is crucial.

Stay focused

Reliability requires honesty. Creativity and imagination should never surpass the real product or service, or it will damage our image in the long run.


A corporate video should include elements that move our audience, that make them feel curious or passionate about our message. Our video should make a difference in order to perdure in time.

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