“Clients require extra details to make a difference”

Trade fairs are excellent tools for strategic marketing, as these events allow a natural, face-to-face contact with our clients, partners and other industry professionals. Trade fairs are also the perfect context to convey our corporate message and image and forge decisive alliances. This is the main reason for many companies to showcase a great stand that becomes their calling card.

Our colleague José María Gallego, from Stands XL technical area, is responsible for managing stand design and planning and then transferring those projects to our production brands for manufacturing and installation.


What are clients looking for when designing a stand from scratch?

Visual impact, design, comfort, appeal… Clients want a set of qualities that truly reflect their brand essence and attract the visitor. Something to bear in mind is that venues are shared with competitors, and any extra detail can make a difference.

Tell us something about stand design latest trends.

Just now the main flow is about creating an open space without visual obstacles, and almost no differentiated areas. This brings cohesion from the conceptual point of view and it provides a much more welcoming spot.

Which stand elements create a bigger impact in trade fairs, exhibitions and conventions?

Technology itself is a trend, a means of attracting the audience to a product. For example, our augmented reality gear allows the stand visitors to experience the product advantages, explore the client’s installations, their business arena, resources, etc. A great tool to make an impact and therefore this kind of technology has a greater demand nowadays.

What is the most difficult part of stand design?

Besides offering competitive prices, which is a complex administrative task, space is the greatest handicap for a stand. Clients must condense both concept and needs (storage, private meeting and networking spaces, etc.). To all this we add the technological resources required by this type of events and venues, which are of the highest level.

Of all Stands XL projects so far, which one would you say was the roundest?

That is a complex question, as our brand has by now accomplished great projects, such as the one presented at FITUR, the largest stand built up till now. I am very fond of our stand at Automobile Barcelona, designed and assembled for Volkswagen, in my opinion our first big stand. For that specific project we had an incredible vast area at the fair, around 5,000 square meters, most of them intended for car exhibition which hindered our freedom of movement. The timing for execution was quite reduced, and this fact added a challenging aspect to our projects that we successfully overcame.

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