Elements indispensable to a gala dinner

Elements indispensable to a gala dinner - Many Colors Group

Gala dinners are within the most formal types of event planning. These special occasions require a careful and detailed organization, bearing in mind each of the elements that take part in these celebrations.

Special guests will demand a ceremonial and elegant context, specifically embodied by the table. However, it is not imperative to invest a fortune in order to achieve the perfect result. Gala dinner tables may be arranged in an uncomplicated context, and do not necessarily need very expensive materials. The difference is in the detail: flowers, candles, napkins folding, the beauty of a fine linen, etc. Decoration is an essential complement, and it must be elegant but never overornamented. We must remember that simplicity is one of the characteristics of sophistication.

Summing up, table arrangement pays special attention to components such as linen, cutlery, crockery, glassware, and other embellishment that may complete the result.


The main and basic dressing element of a table. It is recommended to use light colors such as white, cream, or ivory. When going for a more modern style, other colors may be welcomed. Something mandatory: linen must always show a perfect ironing.


Royal silverware is not the only option for table arrangement. Inox or gold plated pieces are perfectly suitable and totally in. It is required to provide the exact type of cutlery for each dish and they will be properly arranged with respect of the order marked by the menu.


Fundamental element in all kinds of table dressings, from daily services to gala occasions. Nowadays there are a wide range of materials, but china and earthenware are usually preferred. Classic and pure lines, and avoiding different style combination will be the safest option. Lo más aconsejable será elegir una vajilla clásica y sencilla, sin combinar diferentes tipos de la misma. Chargers are decorative elements which may add a more formal touch to the table decoration.


As crockery, the glass work enhances our arrangement. An elegant table will display transparent, high-quality vessels of neat lines. It is very important that all the pieces belong to the same set. The number of glasses will depend on the variety of drinks that will be served during the dinner. Basic pieces needed include water and wine goblets and champagne flutes.

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