Johnson & Johnson comission KUNST DECO to decorate their latest internal event

EMEA Strategic Workshop decoración - Johnson & Johnson 4

The “EMEA Strategic Workshop” of the company Johnson & Johnson, is one of the latest décor projects to be carried out by Kunst Deco.  For this event, Kunst had opted for decoration that complemented the graphical images of the event, using the colours of white and red; which respected the corporate identity of the company.

This internal meeting, held at the Parador de Alcalá de Henares; and attended by over one hundred officials from various multi-national media outlets; also involved the collaboration of Next Studio, Expresión and OnOff, three companies from the Many Colors Group.

NEXT, the design studio was commissioned to develop the graphical images that were to be used throughout the event as well as the materials given to the attendees. For their part, ONOFF were responsible for both the audiovisual and stage production, while EXPRESIÓN designed, produced and assembled the scenography and staging.


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