Las nuevas tecnologías, una herramienta en el día a día de la producción de eventos

The Many colors team want to talk about innovative technologies which are sure to make corporate events even more attractive. Screens have been witness to huge technological advances over the years and now offer a huge range of different options. For example, LED technology consumes far less energy, in comparison to older display technology and all whilst delivering even sharper and more colorful images as a result. Not only this but with ease, a single image can now be shown on multiple displays.


integrated production technology

Digital Interactive Board

This technology consists of a computer connected to a video projector which displays the signal of a computer on a flat, rigid, touch screen surface, from which you can control the computer, make handwritten notes over an image, as well as save, print or e-mail and export to various formats.  This new technology offers ways to interact with the image in ways that are not available using older technologies, such as a computer and projector.

Integrated Screens

Integrated Screens can be combined together to form a single screen of varying dimensions complete with high definition cameras, speakers and lighting in order to create a virtual meeting experience.

Transparent LED Screens

Another option is that LED transparent screens can be used on their own or combined to make any dimension of screen. Each screen has integrated energy and data ports.

Interactive Screens

The same as a digital interactive board, LED technology aims to create interactions between the public. From passive viewing to becoming actively involved through the positive interaction of such screens by touch. So as we can see, screens are no longer simple passive viewing devices, but play a huge part in increasing interactivity amongst the public.

Designing your own menu

Nowadays, we use apps on our mobile devices to order food but in the case of events, could you imagine ordering your food on a table-screen and being able to create your own recipe while you interact with the screen? Drag the ingredients to your virtual dish that you want to create and then simply combine them all to prepare your order to your liking.

Digital signage multi touch table - Integrated production technology

PIP technology

It is a characteristic of some TVs or similar devices. With PIP technology (picture in picture) screens can offer multiple image or video feeds on the same surface with the ability to select the audio source from any of the image or video feeds.


Stand - Integrated production technologyVirtual Reception

This is the alternative to a typically staffed reception area. Visitors can be welcomed to a conference or convention and are able to interact with and speak to a virtual receptionist via video and audio link, who can be located anywhere in the world. The reception desk is equipped with two printers and the virtual receptionist can send documents, for example, schedules or other documents which can be printed immediately to assist the visitor.

From POS to digital signage

Digital Signage usually refers to the kind of digital communications, for example, information screens found at airports, shops and restaurants to Muppies and any other type of digital interactive advertising, that may or may not be physically located in a shopping area. On the other hand, POS usually refers to any type of media or display of product advertising that is physically located within shop outlets. As technology continues to advance, we find ourselves living in a time where POS has outgrown its limitations within a confined space to grown into multiple sales channels or virtual communication which can reach audiences worldwide.

Instagram photos machine

Forever 21 created an altogether completely different experience, something along the lines that was very different with respect to their previous accomplishments. They built a unified Internet experience where everyone is able to interact with each other from anywhere in the world. They focused on two things: the use of thread, as the representation of fashion and Instagram as the most creative social network that exists.

Interactive Muppi

Interactive Muppies not only advertise but they are a new type of advertising outlet designed almost as a call to action. That is similar to the case of a particular campaign that a fast food chain in Amsterdam implemented where a Muppi gave the fast food restaurants´ famous ice creams to the public if the outside temperature increased. This action, consists of a advertising support connected to a thermometer. 100 empty McFlurry cups were placed inside the Muppi, which the public could access when the temperature rose past 38.7 degrees Celsius. In doing this, people simply had to go to the nearest McDonald’s with the empty cup to have them filled.


The use of materials used in many everyday activities has encourage ingenious techniques that despite being even cheaper they increase creative possibilities. Nowadays, creators have a huge variety of construction materials. Although what is available is extensive, creators experiment with materials and every day objects considered as none conventional in the corporate events industry, for example: boxes, paper, plastics, bottles, tubes, containers, CD’s, etc. All this creates new scenography experiences with other ways to communicate.


At the beginning, mapping projections mainly took place on the front exterior of buildings. However nowadays, mapping can be projected onto any surface. Projections on catering equipment, furniture, tables, cakes, stands, sculptures and structures and even the actual environment itself can be bathed in different lighting and colors.

As you can see, an event is more than a environment where attendees simply come and spectate.  Now the entire event is truly alive and offers new subliminal and exciting ways of communicating to the public.

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