Many Colors accomplishes full production of the Leadership Training Seminar for Amway Russia and Kazakhstan



Amway Russia and Kazakhstan celebrated the Leadership Training Seminar on June 1-4 in Tenerife. Many Colors was in charge of the whole execution in terms of creativity, production, and logistics in an event that gathered more than 3,000 attendees.

During two weeks, three different groups of Amway dealers coming from Russia and Kazakhstan, enjoyed complete training programs and incentive experiences in the island. The chosen hotels were the exclusive Meliá Gran Palacio de Isora and The Ritz-Carlton Abama.

The event was inspired by the island of Tenerife and the four elements: earth, water, wind, and fire. Thus, each of the agenda meetings was related, through visual, creative and entertainment keys to one of these elements.

The first event was the Welcome Party, devoted to fire and Tenerife’s Carnival, an entertainment dance show full of light, color and Latin rhythms. The organization of this sunset party was of the main challenges for the companies within Many Colors, as one of the welcoming celebrations was held at the pool in de Isora, and the second and third attendees waves went to The Ritz-Carlton Abama. For Man y Colors stage design team this implied to create a unified proposal which was easily adapted to two completely different spaces.

The professional date was the Business Conference, celebrated in the Magma convention. This meeting was devoted to earth and Drago, the millennial tree indigenous to the Canary Islands. A working day with professional speeches and award recognitions to the best Amway suppliers.

The U-35 Party was held in Abama beach. The youngest guests attended to this party inspired in the water element. This soirée starred one of Amway catalogue leading products, the XS Power Drink.

The wind-themed event was the Emerald Cocktail, a reception for ‘emerald’ sales men and saleswomen, who enjoyed an intimate jazz concert in the outdoor terrace of the Magma complex.

The same spot was the chosen location for the Gala Dinner, the last event of the week, which displayed the most creative visuals, scenography and entertainment pills of the whole seminar. A dinner full of performances and surprises which unified all the basic elements present in the prior experiences, with inspired in each of them and an amazing award ceremony for the best Russian and Kazakh sellers.

Before dinning, attendees visited the Market Expo, a commercial exhibition with all the ultimate product of the Amway catalogue. Many Colors 3D and animation teams designed an exclusive videogame for each product, using simulation, Kinect technology, Virtual Reality, and trivia contest creations.

Besides the whole production in all events, Many Colors teams accomplished the logistic coordination of all attendees from the moment of their arrival to the island. More than 1,000 group trips specifically organized for each occasion. These trips included the visits to the island landmarks plus all attendees and Amway staff internal movements.

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