Many Colors & Amway set off on a spectacular cruise around the mediterranean sea



Many colors is a group of companies which are specialized in providing services for comprehensive event planning, marketing and communications. In May 2015 the group organized an internal convention on board of a cruise ship for more than 3000 members of the sales force from the network marketing company Amway.

Prior to the event, Many Colors had carried out a series of marketing actions, such as sending invitations including a short video via email, sending mail-shots to introduce the new website as well as mail-shots for the App launch. In addition to that, they also sent out an email with the title ‘Know before you go’ which provided useful information to keep in mind before getting on board of the cruise ship such as the weather forecast, advices about health & safety as well as a reminder for the required personal documents etc. Furthermore, a ‘selfie’ competition was launched to build up the relationship between guests in the weeks prior to the trip.

On board of the cruise ship, in addition to the brand’s internal conferences and meetings, there have been themed dinners, fancy-dress parties, gymkhanas and other teambuilding activities organized by Many Colors in order to reinforce the companies’ team spirit.

Next Studio was the responsible company for the design of the stands and all graphic materials which have been used before and during the event. On Off, in this case, was responsible for lighting and all audiovisual materials during the event.

Kunst Deco participated in the preparation of the event by decorating the gala dinner, which was set under the stars, with illuminated furniture, which gave a magical atmosphere for this evening. Noise Box was in charge of the entertainment and organized a variety of shows to enjoy the evening. It was ranging from a synchronized swimming show in the cruise ship’s swimming pool, to opera singers who performed in midst of the dinner setting.

Sunflower graphics were in charge of everything related to new technology and multimedia. They created a special application for the event which was completely personalized and modified, and which can be used also for conferences, incentives, meetings and promotions. In addition to that, they also created an interactive game designed exclusively for Amway’s brand Nutrilite. The game, which worked through the system Kinect, consisted of choosing falling food, depending on the counts of calories of the food, the player gained or lost points. For the brand HydraV, a stand was set up which contained sofas and Oculus Rift glasses with their respective helmets. The participant sat down and enjoyed a musical atmosphere while they were plunged into the incredible landscape of the Norwegian fiords, in a successful, immersive 360° vision. Futhermore there was developed a video mapping show, for the different business conferences, which covered the whole stage, from floor to ceiling, with an impressive projection of images and videos.

For their part, Balance Productions, the audiovisual producer, designed and carried out Amway Channel, a great supply of television and video with five themed channels exclusively created for this event, which could be viewed on the televisions in the cruise ship cabins. Other than the graphic images and supplied content for these five channels, Balance also carried out all the recording, broadcast live the different acts of the event and edited the video after the event had finished.

Gala dinners, Business conferences, Welcome party… a fantastic schedule for a fantastic event on board, which was developed by a vast part of the companies that form the Many Colors Group.

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