Many Colors Group’s event production companies are working at full capacity

producción de eventos

producción de eventos

Expresion, Xorex and Janoff, the Many Colors Group event production companies that specialize in structures and large-format printing, have been working at full capacity throughout February due to a large number of orders for upcoming events.

The manufacturing and assembly company, Expresion, is currently building the main scenography for a large convention, several booths and other ephemeral pieces for the events. In order to accommodate this spike in production, their wood warehouse is being fully re-stocked several times a week. There are over two hundred four meter wings in their production plant that will be upholstered with sheets of printed fabric from Janoff’s large format printers.

Xorex, the metal carpentry company, is also manufacturing hundreds of metal wings. These versatile structures have been designed by Xorex and can be customized in size for each occasion.

Janoff, the large format printing company, has increased their number of daily shifts. Signs, printed canvas walls, adhesive vinyl, fabric and die-cut printing and other graphic elements are being dispatched daily from Janoff for Many Color’s upcoming events.

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