Many Colors organized the Mercedes-Benz Family Day in Vitoria for 25,000 attendees

Family Day de Mercedes Benz Vitoria - Blog Many Colors

We organized a family event for 5,000 employees of the German firm Mercedes-Benz. The meeting gathered 25,000 attendees in the plant located in Vitoria.

The themed event comprised a series of outdoor activities under the claim “a star for the world”, a concept which alluded to the five continents and was present both in the scenographic concept and production work, as well as in all the action programmed for the event.

Each of the five stages included a catering area representing typical gastronomies of each continent. In the common areas, we organized leisure activities and coordinated a car exhibition and performance shows for children.

We attended the 25,000 guests invited to the activities programed for that special day, during the six-hour incentive activity.

Attendees could also enjoy a closing ceremony of heliosphere acrobatics. A new show trend in which dancer perform aerial stunts, suspended by helium balloons, and strap elements.

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