Moonflower Technologies develops HoloBasket

Our designers, creatives, and developers teams at Moonflower Technologies have created a new videogame that uses both mixed reality (MR) with Microsoft’s latest technology. Mixed or hybrid reality blends two enviroments: the real one and  the virtual one. Thus, both physical and digital elements can interact in real time.

As you may know, Microsoft’s HoloLens are a headset gear with transparent lenses. Once you try them on, you can see a whole universe of different creations floating around your real environment.

Whereas Oculus or HTC, for example, show a pure immersive, virtual world from which you cannot move while the experience is taking place, this headset generates a fantasy world that interacts with your surroundings.

In the case of HoloBasket, three-dimensional basket elements appears before your eyes, as in real life. Both basket and ball are visible thanks to hologram technology. Mixed technology allows players to see also scoreboards in which theycan beat their personal bests.

The game mechanics are quite easy. The HoloLens show a virtual basket that can be placed on any wall at home, your workplace, etc. Basically, this gear allows players to shoot baskets everywhere they please. No harm will be ever done to glassware or delicate objects around even if the ball touches them! This technology recognizes objects around and the game elements –in this case the ball- can hit them and rebound. Now the user can forget about pausing a match, and continue with other tasks such as preparing a coffee while he or she enjoys the game.

Once the game starts, the user places the basket wherever she or he fancies, play in the chosen area and move into a different room every time he or she wishes, and continue playing. As they are like ‘real’ elements poising all over, the game will move with the user

This is the first game we develop for HoloLens and we think is quite innovative, as their catalogue did not include a similar entertainment prior to HoloBasket release. This game is quite fun and we are, of course, very proud of it.

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