Our unique decorations foster exclusive gastronomic experiences

Unique spaces for unique gastronomical experiences

We were in charge of the space thematization for the last gastronomic event of Alhambra brand in Madrid. The chosen venue was the Duarte Pinto Coelho, an amazing 17th century palace built on the ancient Arab city walls. This unique space was delicately transformed to reflect the catering experience “Noches de Alhambra”, a series of deluxe dinners with marinated dished by awarded chef Nacho Manzano, served with the special brew Alhambra Reserva beer.

In this gastronomic experience we were responsible of the design, production, and decoration of the different materials that shaped the catering area, from the photocalls to the handcrafted ice buckets. Besides, our professional team of designers and technicians provided all the audiovisual production.

The bespoke dinner decoration was the result of different lies of details perfectly harmonized. We took special care in the selectionof the raw materials plus all the creative and manufacturing stages. The final mise-en-scene displayed all the creative projects developed by our expert teams embodied into a single concept.

This dedication allow us to transmit ecological, rustic vibes with our exclusive proposals of furniture and decoration. We also coordinated a live music cocktail prior to the gastronomic event.

This event was held on two different days; the first of these dinners was addressed to journalists and Alhambra company members, and the second was open to the general public, who were invited to enjoy this tasty experience.

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