Premier of “La Luz con el tiempo dentro”, a new feature film with the participation of Balance Productions

Balance Productions participa en el largometraje La luz con el tiempo dentro

Balance Productions participa en el largometraje La luz con el tiempo dentro

Direction of photography, technical material, grading and postproduction have been the contributions of Balance Productions.

Coming 6th March will be the premiere of the movie “La luz con el tiempo dentro” in the main cinemas of our country. The movie has been guided by Antonio Gonzalo and recreates the most important moments of the life of Juan Ramón Jiménez, a poet from Moguer.

Balance Productions has participated in the whole production: Direction of photography in charge of the Director Alberto Muñoz, Camera Team (technical filming material for digital movies), in the creation process as well as in the integration of the special effects, and in the different phases of digital grading and postproduction and technical distribution and presentation in cinemas.

The shooting has been done in several Andalusian scenaries, from Moguer, hometown of the poet. The highlights of the casting have been Carlos Alvárez-Novoa and Ana Fernández, winner of the price Goya for their roles in the movie “Solas”. As well as Marc Clotet and Alez O´Dogherty.

Relatives of the poet define this movie as a “beautiful movie where the personalities of the main actors are perfectly reflected, one thing which has not been done before”. It recreates with precision and severity the complicated character of the poet from Moguer and recreats as well the environment with an excellent interpretive work.

The team of Balance Productions is immersed in a new production: “La Madriguera”, guided by Kurro González and produced by 32Historias. The shooting will start coming 8th March in Almeria (more info at

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