Yes, protocol matters

By 26 January, 2017Many Colors Group
Yes, protocol matters - Many Colors Group Blog

If protocol or etiquette is the ‘series of rules and regulations according to the law or other customs, traditions and diplomatic formalities…’ we may say that protocol has a starring role in every event.

Protocol is excellence, knowledge, and awareness. This is why communication areas and departments should pay special attention to its specific implementation. Corporate and social events are nowadays closely interconnected, and therefore is usually common that clients embrace these formal procedures from the very structural core of the corporation.

This area is present in the way we organize a conference table, the way we welcome our guests, or how the flags are arranged. Notwithstanding, we are going to focus in the three main stages of event organization: Pre-event, event, and post-event.

Basically, in the pre-event, two elements will basically set the tone: location and guests. An open air event for example, requires less formalities than an indoor celebration. The type of attendees will also delimit our organization. A small gathering of 15 people requires less efforts than a crowded event. Invitations in each event will be notably different.

During the event, clients will be the absolute protagonists. Thus, all our attention ad care will be focused on their needs and position. They will open and close the event, and we will support and aid them in everything.

Established agenda is other element crucial to any correct development. It is time to become an English lord and be utterly precise with timing, avoiding delays and conflicts in the following stages of the event.

Once the occasion has come to an end, postevent actions take place. These are probably the simplest and in some way the most important. We should contact participants, guests and organizers, as well as other agents who were also part of the process, to thank their engagement, but also to brief them on any important information plus send a complete dossier of the event development.

We must try to keep the perfect balance between excellence and performance. Corporate images are fragile and may be easily eroded. This is why we must take care of it, on every occasion.

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