Safety and risk assessment in event planning

By 30 December, 2016Many Colors Group

Safety in events is one of the basic in our work as event planners, and its main goal is to maximize security amongst attendees.  Any event requires a deep analysis of the possible risks during the elaboration of the project, so we can achieve an early detection of sources of risks and therefore being able to provide appropriate security solutions.

It is mandatory to identify, analyze and evaluate all those factors which may cause a risk. It may help to start with simple questions such as what can go wrong, how many chances exist of this or that downside and, most importantly which could be their consequences.

Prior to hold any event, we should keep in mind these basic planning principles:

For outdoor celebrations we should always design a plan B may the weather not be with us. Particularly if we are using a lot of electrical wiring.

If any type catering is served during the event, it is important to consider the food preservation conditions. Not only the food must be of the highest quality, but also it needs to be served in the appropriate manner, so our dishes and drinks are in optimal conditions for their intake.

Security and safety procedures are important, though far more important is to signpost all our evacuation systems correctly. Emergency displays are of no use if they lack of the right signage.

It is necessary to establish a close follow-up of the number of attendees and never exceed the capacity of a venue, as it is extremely dangerous.

Each event has its particular source of risks, so event professionals and planners must identify at once the possible risks and develop strategies accordingly, so those risks could be avoided or at least minimized. Unforeseen situations may always be possible, but anticipation will help to the normal development of an event.

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