Searching for added value: versatile, accessible spaces for your event

By 10 February, 2017Many Colors Group


Within the MICE sector site visit in event venues are becoming the order of the day. This external evaluation, part of the quality evaluation process, analyzes the characteristics, pros and cons of a specific venue. In other words, the results and outcomes of this evaluation will determine the possibilities of the venue as event destination.

This visit is an opportunity to show the best of a venue, in a competitive business where more and more special venues available each time. In this industry, only those spaces offering versatility, availability, and experience will be included in the top list of event planning.

Every venue must, however, require certain basic standards regarding affordability and facilities. If a given location accomplish both of them, MICERs will surely consider it for a site visit.

Once in the venue MICERs will take into account the space distribution and all the facilities characteristics: variety of rooms, catering services, halls, or reception/credential areas are some of the spaces that will be first checked by

Though it might seems obvious, the easy and safe access for loading and unloading is crucial to the success of the stage rigging works and decoration displays. Also, facilitate the work of cranes, elevators, and other equipment.

Other requirements to bear in mind are the services that space offers by itself: supplies, electricity, artificial lighting, natural light sources, architecture, extra storage, or even Wi-Fi connection.

Accessibility of the venue for people with disabilities and reduced mobility is a priority. The chosen location must be provided with ramps, escalators, open areas and the like. Venues must welcome all the attendees and must be accessible for everyone. Efforts in advance planning for accessibility will maximize the opportunity for all to participate and reinforce CSR values.

Site visits are the perfect opportunity to showcase the best assets of a venue, and catch a glimpse of its full potential.

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