The quality of sound is a key element in events

The quality of sound is a key element in events - Many Colors Group

Events are a business opportunity and a marketing solution, the perfect timing to reveal a new product or present a new service. In all, any corporate event fosters brand visibility and enhances networking among clients and professionals. Some years ago, events were traditionally reserved to big corporations and organizations, but nowadays that vision has changed completely and the big majority of companies celebrate MICE event as part of their marketing strategy due to their proved efficacy. When planning an event, the quality of sound is a key element to be considered, as the later can determine, to a large extent, the event’s success or failure.

Sound systems must be designed and installed according to the venue space. Outdoors or indoors, organizers must check beforehand that the sound will reach properly all attendees regardless their physical location the location of the venue itself: sound must be clear and vivid.

It is important to take advantage of the acoustics of the venue in order to improve it or amplify it. Setting and adjusting the volume does not generate a great quality. Sound must be perfectly balanced in order to avoid noises coming from outside the venue or the area defined for the event.

The venue requires an adequate sound equipment with enough quality to deliver a suitable sonority to the event. Events livened up with music do not compel a large amount of sound elements. However, corporate events including the participation speakers, hosts, lecturers, etc., require at least some of the following equipment:

Speakers: The adequate number to cover all the venue area, and powerful enough for the type of event.

Amplifiers: They complement the power provided by the set of speakers and they are a must when top sound quality is required.

Monitors: Speakers provided for the stage participants. These equipment materials allow hosts or special participants to hear themselves despite the general noise in the venue. There are several types of monitors, from the ones located on the stage, to reduced versions that can be placed near a person’s ear.

Equalizers: Used by technicians to balance the different sounds coming from the speakers in order to maximize the quality of the venue acoustics.

Consoles or sound mixers: Connectors for microphones and instruments.

Microphones: Must be carefully chosen in accordance to the speaker location and kind of performance. There are also several types: dynamic, headsets, lapel, wireless, etc. Event organizers must also take into account their directionality (unidirectional, bidirectional, omnidirectional) depending on the aimed sound projection.

It is mandatory to have an on-site technician who masters all the equipment and coordinates –if needed- a sound team. Our sound technician will check every element to avoid any issues, including simple acoustic feedback, during the event celebration.

Taking advice from a professional team specialized in sound will guarantee choosing the best equipment and materials. This is the surest path to achieve the perfect sound quality for the venue and our guests.

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