Designing a stand… Where to start?

A Stand Design... Where to start? - Many Colors Group

The right design comes from the right communication. When we create a stand, transmitting both the philosophy and style of our company is as important as attracting our customers’ attention.

The first thing we must do is to establish our objectives in a specific manner, taking into account all the particular, as our design will vary depending on the goals shaped by the customer. For example, if we want to attract a major audience, it is best to provide an exclusive space; while planning an open, accessible event will foster product visibility.

When the objectives are clearly defined, the stand schema will give way to a design that conveys both the essential message and the corporate image.  We should bear in mind that one of the main objectives of a stand is always to engage our target audience. Resources are numberless: from flashy colors to audiovisuals. Using images we can quickly transmit complex messages without using that much text. In case of using textual information, our messages should be designed to be read from long distances. Finally, appropriate lighting will create the right ambiance. Every element will be aimed to generate a conversation with the people visiting our stand.

Once we have their attention, the next step is maintaining it. Welcoming our visitors and offering suitable information about the stand contents should be accompanied by excellent customer service.  Hospitality is always positively valued, but there is nothing most remembered than a negative reception or disposition towards our guests. It is essentially important that people interested may leave the stand with a clear idea and as much information as possible. In order to achieve that, all messages should be previously defined under the same criteria and they should transmit an outstanding image.

We should not forget that people visiting our stand will probably have a positive attitude, and we should use this in our favor. We want our audience to feel they are part of the stand experience, and in this sense we must offer them extras such as testing, free merchandising, or participating in a funny activity.  We should make them feel important and let them see that our intention will always be positive and beneficial. Moreover, raffles or any type of engaging dynamics will allow us to obtain more information about our customers, and this is an essential part of our subsequent analysis and measurement of the objectives achieved.

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