Sustainability in events

By 18 January, 2017Many Colors Group


Every day, events of all kinds are held around the world and companies are more and more conscious of the environmental impact every MICE activity may have. This is why in a globalized context, event planners are trying to do their best in designing and producing more sustainable meetings, festivals, exhibitions, sport events, shows, etc. This is achieved by ‘clean’ practices that avoid negative environmental footprint and climate change, and moreover generate certain degree of positive impact when possible.

Sustainable events are also opportunities to improve branding and communication skills in a company. Implementing more sustainable forms of events both in the public and private spheres lead companies and stakeholders to display a much more positive and trustable image.

The ‘green ethics’  based on climate friendly events which take care of the materials and products used in the different stages of event planning and involve all staff members of a company.

And how to accomplish such an important task in our daily routine as event planners? The best idea is always to keep it simple: research, think, plan, and check the organization schedule and follow UN guides of sustainable recommendations. It is important not to end overwhelmed with infinite lists of don’ts. Although there is a lot to do in the ecological progress towards total sustainability, every step counts and, in this sense, every ‘green’ measure a company implements is a big success. In the end, all this process is a team work in which everyone devoted to this professional field has to commit and contribute to the cause.

Choosing green hotel, recycling in our offices, dealing with quality supplier, using ozone and forest friendly materials, reducing water usage and pollution… At every stage of a given event there are numerous possibilities and companies must be responsible of making the right decision.

Our group of brands has recently accomplished a premium sustainability level by Eventsost, thanks to our excellence in production and development and our effort in fostering more sustainable events in the following fields:

  • Waste management
  • Sustainable use of materials
  • Sustainability applied to catering services
  • Mobility and sustainable transport
  • Water use optimization
  • Evaluation and selection of more sustainable venues
  • Planning and development of outdoor events
  • Communication of event sustainability procedures to stakeholders
  • Minimization of noise and environmental impact
  • Energy efficiency
  • Calculation of the carbon footprint in events
  • Selection of sustainable hotels and restaurants
  • Events socio-economic aspects
  • Fostering positive event economic impact
  • Accessibility
  • Detailed planning of all operations

But there is still a lot to do and we will keep on improving our projects quality to reach maximum levels of sustainability. We will keep on trying with your support.

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