ECO-DECO: Sustainable Decoration

ECO-DECO: Sustainable Decoration - Many Colors Group

Sustainable trends are and will be ever more present in all aspects of society. There is a clear commitment to sustainable, environmentally friendly decorating trends. Using sustainable decoration implies a different way of thinking, so that sustainability means also feasibility.

Sustainable trends are highly beneficial for both society and environment. Basically, it involves fabrics, objects and furniture pieces manufactured with non-toxic and natural materials. One of the most popular products are eco and natural paints, which grant same finishing results while avoiding breathing problems. There are also recycled and natural materials which adapt to any design, providing them with a unique touch. From pieces of furniture to natural plants, the market offer numerous decorating options of objects and designs made of less contaminating materials or displaying a low carbon footprint.

Eliminating chemicals we accomplish more healthy environments and spaces, contributing to the common task of saving our planet.

Other positive aspects of using sustainable decoration may be the following:

  • They are much more cost-effective as their environmental impact is less acute.
  • They are energy efficient, saving costs and reducing CO2 emissions, for example using LED technology.
  • Sustainable trends are as creative and fashionable as traditional ones, and also contribute to the protection of the environment.

This type of ecological decoration offers a wide range of colors, designs, and materials. A disadvantage still to be overcome is however its prices. Some of these groundbreaking decorating trends are far more expensive than traditional ones, but in the long run they will bring much more benefits. The most important aspects of sustainable decoration are the transforming environmental and public health benefits it brings.  These materials and designs will take care both our health and environment, something essential to our well-being and tranquility.

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