The sound of events

By 14 February, 2017Many Colors Group

Choosing the music for a space or venue is the one most important decision in event planning, and it may determine the amount of success our organization will have. In other words, music is the subtle touch of distinction that makes our event something unique.

Music generates emotional wellness. Unmindfully, our brains, associate each music type with a certain life experience. Thus, when we listen to a song that makes us happy, we will immediately channel our brighter side. Therefore, there is an emotional relation.

The first step towards choosing the perfect music for a given event is to analyze the profile of our target audience. Music should, notwithstanding, form part of a whole, but never lead the event.

Generally, in social events event planners choose musical accompaniment which will provide a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere. Soft rhythms with a low volume. In corporate events, however, music has a much more leading role, becoming a crucial part in presentations, awards, or bog moments in conventions.


Finally, music events, such as concerts and shows have music as its main protagonist. This kind of event requires a chapter of its own.

The two main subdivisions in music services are live music and playlists. Both of them can then be classified by genre.

Background soundtracks:

  • Classical musical is a formal, relaxing accompaniment, which perfectly suits openings and similar moments.
  • Jazz is perfect for networking and other engaging activities. This type of music creates elegant, sophisticated atmospheres.
  • Swing and blues bring liveliness and a fresh touch to any event
  • Electronic music can be used in out-of-the-box, informal celebrations, or incentives

Live music:

  • DJs are the favorite, canonical option for most casual or modern events
  • A live band can be perfect if our intention is to generate some expectation during the event. Not only trendy groups, but also new bands can fit to perfection emotional and special moments.


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