Two realises the production of materials of the new graphic image for Telepizza restaurants



The restaurant chain Telepizza has requested TWO, the specialist for advertising in the point of sales of the Many Colors group, once again to take charge of the development of materials to be used in the new graphic line in its restaurants. The majority of used materials are vinyl prints, die-cut products and other large scale prints, for which TWO has worked in collaboration with JANOFF, the graphic production company of the group.

This mission has extended to include the stores’ diverse informative and decorative elements in different materials and formats. Firstly, they have designed the printed ´menu boards´ containing a backlight, which are boards showing the different prices and elements of the menu. Furthermore TWO and JANOFF have been responsible for the interior signage production of the restaurants, which includes a large selection of posters and A3 PVC prints on stands, where the menus and current promotions will be displayed in the restaurants.

The chain’s new graphic image has been displayed decoratively in the interior of the restaurants. The large scale vinyl prints have been made to stand out with the high resolution photography of Telepizza’s different specialities, fixed on the interior walls. Another novelty, of which JANOFF is a specialist and which have been produced for this project, are the three layered vinyl prints for picture and store windows, which show a different image from the outside as well as from the inside of the glass windows, which are characteristic of these restaurants.

Regarding the exterior, TWO has also adapted the new brand logo into the illuminated signs on the front of the restaurants, like an illumination for the new opened restaurants.


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