The value of advertising on the Point of Sale

By 18 May, 2017Janoff
The value of advertising on the Point of Sale - Many Colors Group

According to a study carried out by in-Store Media, nine out of ten Spanish plan their purchase but just making a note of the generic name of the product. 63% of these customers decide which product or specific brand is going to buy once on the point of sale.

Given these data, there is no doubt that the selling point is the space where the majority of purchasing decisions are taken. For this reason, we have to do our best for having an influence on the consumer from the moment when he or she makes real contact with our product.

The communication objectives of the selling point are oriented to make the product more known, explaining its advantages, achieving a determined image and positioning it, as well as inciting the visit to the commerce and encouraging the purchases.

Although many times it can be confused with the packaging, merchandising or the material itself the commerce uses for marking products and qualities, the truth is that is all about the actions and materials that the announcer uses for transmitting a persuasive message with the aim of attracting the establishment people towards its concrete product. In light of that, there are lots of supports such as posters, displays, traditional panels or lighted signs, stands, living content or even sound resources or audiovisuals that allow carrying out, for example, demonstrations of the product.

And, which are the benefits we acquire by having a good advertising material on the point of sale (POS advertising)?

Loyalty and Gaining clients

Having access to any type of complementary information about the product they are looking for generates them confidence and safety feelings, something key for future purchases. Likewise, an attracting shop window can make new clients entering to the establishment.

Brand Image

Making the difference visible is the key to success. Attracting attention favors memory, and subsequently people will easily recall a given product in future needs.

Selling of promotional products

Planning the selling point so that certain products are more visible or differently placed in the most frequented zones will help us increasing the stock sales.

Customer proactivity

Generating curiosity among our potential clients will ensure they will like to obtain more information about this one. In this way, thanks to our assessment will be easier gaining sales and improving our reputation.

Reduced economic investment

The best about the POS advertising it that you do not have to spend high quantities of money for carrying out the best strategy. The most important value is creativity.

Up-selling and Cross-selling

Carrying out a good POS advertising can generate opportunities of cross-selling business. This means that a client that buys a determined product can also be interested in another related one. It also gives us improving opportunities, mostly for cases of more specific or of best quality products.

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