Vinyl decor, a great solution for events

By 20 July, 2017Kunst Deco

Vinyls are an ideal solution to customize and decorate in a fast and easy way any area. Besides, vinyls are materials that offer a vast range of design options and finishes.

Basically, vinyl are a PVC adhesive made of synthetic plastic silicone which is widely used to decorate any surface such as walls, shop windows, vehicles, etc.

Depending on its manufacturing method and durability, vinyls take one of these forms:

  1. Monomeric vinyl: Not indicated for outdoors long-term applications, such as the decoration of vehicles or corporate graphics but it is a great option for pop-up campaigns and allows budget optimization. This type of vinyl has an average durability of 2-3 years. rotulación comercial pero sí es una
  2. Polymeric vinyl: Its manufacturing is much more elaborated, what prevents shrinking and maximizes performance and resistance. Has an average durability of 5-7 years.
  3. Cast vinyl: More versatile and lasting. Cast vinyl films are thinner and therefore more adaptable to irregular surfaces. This is why this type of vinyls are the best option for complex outside applications and car wrapping. Its durability covers around 10 years.

When choosing our material in the context of fairs and MICE world, all the clients’ requirements can be summarized into a single idea: their stand must cause visual impact. Vinyl digital printing is perfect to capture the visitor attention and customize the area with the brand’s corporate elements.

With regard to the vinyl finishing material, we may establish the following categories:

Printed vinyl. Adhesive white vinyl widely used in most decorations, both outdoors and indoors. Allows reinforcement in order to defy heat and sun conditions. It is a perfect solution for signage and permanent printing in business buildings and shops.

Wall vinyl. High-adhesive surface and resistance, specially manufactured for wall decoration. Excellent performance on backdrops, meeting rooms, hallways…

Clear vinyl. Perfect for both windows and walls. This vinyl covers a lot of usages and allows a type high-quality, clean decoration. It is recommended in outdoors, events, shops windows, etc.

Micro-perforated vinyl. Perfect for glass windows. This material has a mini perforations that allow light to enter through. The result are lively decorations which do not block light in the venue. An ideal solution for stores, restaurants, and points of sale.

Knowing the possibilities offered by this type of materials is mandatory in order to maximize their numerous advantages and choose the best solution for each of our projects.

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