We start our blogger adventure!!

Many Colors lands into the Online World! We would like you to join us in this new adventure. Who is in charge of this blog? Many Colors is a group of companies operating globally with own production specializing in different sectors: communication, design, production, new technologies, marketing and events. These independent companies are smoothly coordinated to create synergy and provide a 360º service.


Get to know us!

logo_onoff_en_300pppWe offer audiovisual services for the communication and events sectors. We provide creative solutions using our own resources and cutting-edge technology in audio, lighting, video, LEDS, plasma walls and simultaneous translation, among others.

logo_next_en_300pppWe are specialized in exhibition stand design, staging, graphic and editorial design, web design, interior design and audio visual editing.

logo_expresion_en_300pppWe manufacture and assemble ephemeral structures. At our “laboratory workshop”, with more than 2.000m2, we deal with the latest technology transforming wood and metal into stands and stage sets, among others.

logo_sunflower_300pppNew technology is daily used. At Sunflower Graphics we develop APPs, augmented reality and 3D animation. We are pioneer in Oculus Rift, virtual reality headset designed specifically for video games. With anincredibly wide field of view, high-resolution display and ultra-low latency head tracking, the Oculus Rift provides a truly immersive experience that revolutionizes the way people experience interactive content.

logo_kunstdeco_en_300pppFrom Kunst we want to make your events more creative, stylish and full of design. We have a wide variety of decorative items and furniture for rent to transform spaces according to each client’s needs.

logo_lightstore_300pppWe deal with LED engineering applicable to any structure. We design and manufacture LED screens and lighting using the latest technology and own machinery. All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Spain.

logo_two_en_300pppWe offer all kind of elements regarding Points Of Sale (POS). We use the newest techniques and equipment together with professional staff and R+D+I department.

logo_noisebox_300pppWe are specialized in artistic production offering customized shows with artists, musicians, dancers, and comedians. We also offer our own productions and artist management.

logo_flexo_experiencesWe are experts in finding answers and solutions for activities in the field of incentives, leisure, company trips and in personalizing your event. We create and produce experiences for events in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Morocco.


We specialize in large format digital printing. We manufacture and install any advertising support.



Our scope of action is very broad, covering everything from the manufacture and installation of metal structures in the construction sector to model production, furniture, metal carpentry, furnishings for exhibitions, sculptures, prototypes, aluminum profiles, temporary pavilions, urban furnishings and much more, always in close collaboration with architects and designers.


Without further delay, welcome to our blog. We start our blogger adventure!!

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