A day in the workshops of Expresión Design

A day in the workshops of Expresión Design - Many Colors Group

This new interview Juan Antonio Zamora, Expresión workshop manager, speaks about his profession. Our team at Expresión manufacture and install all kinds of stands, stage structures, scenographies, and sets. Anything our clients may need, our team offers the best solutions and expert guarantee. Something that does not meet a top-quality standards never leaves their workshops.

Could you tell us what is your daily routine at Expresión Design?

Very different, depending on time of day and day of week. My job, in sum, is to transform all the images and designs into a reality. Therefore, we start planning the project on paper, calculating and drawing the measures of the elements that will form part of structures in real life. Besides, we start to elaborate the lists regarding manufacturing, production, and logistics. With respect to the installation process, our structures are specially designed to facilitate their setting in the destination, in order to make this process as easy, quick, and clean as possible… And with a flawless finishing.

Which are the latest trends in staging and sets in event world? Can you tell us some of the most popular client requests?

Nowadays our clients ask massively for mapping and similar solutions, which generally imply simple installations. Another favorite are super high structures on stage -6 to 10 meters- with huge screens and curved structures which are very complex to manufacture and install. Also, we have been observing that the use of LED technology is still a growing trend. But, leaving aside fashions and preferences, each client is unique, and therefore we offer bespoke proposals to satisfy their all their needs.

Do clients ask for ephemeral solutions that may be re-used in other events?

Many clients request the manufacturing of a certain stand that later on we install in different locations. In order to provide this service we change the visuals or graphics, the space distribution, and the arrangement of elements. As our materials and designs are always top quality in this type of multi-installation works the materials can be re-used. Scenographies are re-used, but it is something far less common than with stands. Sometimes we have sold an easy-to-install stand that our clients have just taken away to set.

Which are the materials most commonly used in scenographies and stage sets?

Widely used materials are DM laminates, agglomerate panels and boards, iron tubes (due to their high resistance and durability), canvas, vinyl, methacrylate, etc., always depending of the design and the client’s preferences and priorities.

And, which are the most fashionable materials?

One of the most popular elements are printed canvas with iron frames. This type of structure covers wider areas in a record time, while providing a fully customized result, something that clients really value.

The lacquer DM board allows the manufacturing of high quality scenographies and pieces of furniture.

Is there any concern among clients for the use of sustainable materials?

This type of concern about the environment can be found in brands that somehow aware of these matters or even work in this field, but it is not a general concern.   

What we have been observing is that corporations are more conscious about environmental impact and in their concern, they usually inquire about ecological procedures and recycling.

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